Nominees from each of the five categories are judged on what they’ve done to lead and inspire others, make an impact on their community, and show the value of older Minnesotans through their actions.

Through the stories of these Minnesota leaders, we can highlight the opportunities that come with age and dispel the myth that an aging population will be a burden to our state.




Nominees must meet the following requirements:

  • Nominee must be at least 50 years old as of May 13, 2019.

  • The achievements, accomplishments, or service on which the nomination is based must have an impact on at least one community in Minnesota.

  • The recipient must live in Minnesota.

  • This is not a posthumous award.

  • You cannot nominate yourself.

  • Couples or business partners will be counted as a singular nomination.





The final list of "50 Over 50" honorees is determined by AARP-MN, Pollen, and a selection committee comprised of cross-sector community leaders from across the state. Two selection committee members each review nominations within the nonprofit, arts, community building, business, and disruption categories.

The nomination period is open until May 13, 2019.  AARP-MN and Pollen will conduct an initial review of nominations and submit a robust list of nominees to the selection committee, who will make the final determination of which ten nominees in each category are chosen.

The "50 Over 50" list will be announced in late-August.


  • Avoid generalizations. Be specific.

  • Tell a story that distinguishes your nominee from other accomplished leaders in the state.

  • Provide concrete details about your nominee's accomplishments.

  • Give specific examples about how your nominee makes a positive impact on people's lives.

  • Give specific examples about how your nominee's contributions make your community better or different.

  • Demonstrate patterns of professional milestones over time.

  • Look to the nominations of these 2016 honorees for inspiration.