It’s time to recognize that possibilities shouldn’t be limited by age. It's time to change the stories we tell ourselves about aging. It’s time for a new list.


Twenty under twenty. Thirty under thirty. Forty under forty. We’re bombarded with lists of people under a certain age who are making significant contributions in their communities.

AARP Minnesota and Pollen present 50 Over 50—a list of fifty incredible individuals over the age of 50 from across Minnesota who are making an impact. They don’t adhere to the belief that you have to be under forty, thirty, or twenty to blaze a trail or shake things up. They’re living life on their own terms and improving the lives of others all at the same time.




People working to grow and strengthen the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors including educational institutions.

Artists, writers, musicians, performers, thespians, filmmakers, and other creatives who contribute to Minnesota’s thriving culture.

Business leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are growing Minnesota’s economy while being good stewards of our resources and talent.

Individuals working to make their communities stronger by volunteering, organizing, or serving in public office.

People who don’t settle for the status quo, who tear down obstacles for change, who see opportunity where others don’t, who break new ground, and who shake things up.


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AARP Minnesota works every day to challenge outdated beliefs and spark new solutions. Pollen shares stories of individuals who want to change our collective story for the better. Our two organizations have come together to recognize and celebrate the possibilities and contributions that come with age.